Rose Tree Garden

As well as offering exciting and interesting cultural and garden tours to many parts of the globe Bill is also a keen gardener and about 5 years ago started a new garden in Cobble Hill. After removal of overstory 50-year-old Douglas fir, hemlock and red alder he retained most of the large red cedar on his 1 ½ acre fully fenced property east of Highway 1. The property is called the Rose Tree Garden. Considerable effort was made to improve drainage through raising the property with fill and 600 feet of drainage pipe. He also installed a 27 station watering system fed by well water for keeping his many beds moist in an increasingly dry summer climate. He has planted more than 350 rhododendrons and 600 other perennial plants including lilies, a wide range of hostas, many types of iris, perennial fuchsias, berry fruit crops, fruit trees and other interesting plants. Some of his favourites include his large-leafed rhodos and huge hostas. As well, there is a roadside kiosk for selling floral arrangements and other garden produce. Spring 2019 saw a particularly heavy bloom on his rhododendrons and these are reflected in this photo gallery. If you wish to visit his garden send him an email at

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